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Our Menu

We take pride in our fresh, handmade menu items and quick service. We have carefully selected our menu to include delicious options that we can make fresh and efficiently in our trailer. Each menu item is made from scratch with high-quality ingredients and love.


Q: What is Piroshki?

A: Piroshkies are a vibrant, staple food in Russian and Eastern European cuisine. “Piroshki” roughly translates to “meat pie” or “Russian filled bun,” and is made from a crescent of fluffy yeasted dough that surrounds a filling of beef or chicken spiced with onions, garlic, and ginger and is fried to golden brown perfection. Each piroshki is about the size of a hamburger. We offer four different fillings: Beef, Spicy Beef, Chicken, Spicy Chicken. They are common fare throughout Eastern Europe found both in restaurants and from street vendors.  


Q: What is Pelmeni?

A: Pelmeni are Russian dumplings and true comfort food. Ours are filled with beef and come with a side of sriracha. 


Q: What is Borscht: 

A: Borscht is a traditional Russian stew made with beets and other veggies like carrots and potatoes—it is a vibrant deep pink color from the beets. Borscht can be served hot or cold and with or without meat. Our version is served hot and is a great vegetarian/vegan option. 


Q: Why doesn’t your menu include more options?

A: We take pride in our fresh, handmade menu items and very quick service. In order to offer this level of freshness and speed, we have honed our menu to the items that offer great, authentic Russian flavor and can be made quickly in our food trailer. 


Q: How did you learn to make Russian food?

A: Our head chef Hionia is of Russian descent and grew up in Alaska cooking traditional Russian food with her mother—all of our menu items are the foods of her childhood. Now our whole family loves sharing these delicious foods with our customers!


Q: Where can I buy your food?

A: Please see the “About Us” page to see our list of upcoming events! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Q: How can I book you for an event?

A: Please contact Hionia at (907) 360-9823 or to discuss scheduling us at an event. 


Q: Do you have any vegetarian or vegan options?

A: Yes! Our borscht is vegan and vegetarian. It comes in an 8oz cup or 16 oz bowl. 


Refund Policy: If you are not satisfied with your order, please let us know (with your receipt) and we will happily provide a refund. 

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