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About Russian Eats

Russian Eats is a family-run mobile food trailer that brings the flavors of Russia to Alaska. We take great pride in offering delicious, warm piroshkis, pelmeni, and borscht. We hand make all of our menu items with fresh, local vegetables, high quality meats, and aromatic spices. Our head-chef Hionia grew up in the kitchen cooking traditional Russian food with her mother and seeing the happiness that a beautifully prepared recipe brought to others.


Now, our whole family—Hionia, husband Tony, and children—brings that same joy to our customers at fairs and festivals throughout South-Central Alaska. Over 10 years, we have perfected our craft so that each piroshki has the perfect fluffy dough and flavorful filling. When you order from Russian Eats, you’ll have piping hot borscht, piroshki, or pelmeni in your hands in a matter of minutes. Whether you’ve never tried Russian food, or our menu reminds you of your grandmother, come find us at our next event—as Tony says, “if you’re hungry, come see us!”

We take pride in our fresh, handmade menu items and quick service. We have carefully selected our menu to include delicious options that we can make fresh and efficiently in our trailer. Each menu item is made from scratch with high-quality ingredients and love.

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